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BioWare Pulls Mass Effect Statue After Everyone WTFs

Earlier today BioWare announced a new piece of merch for Mass Effect fans: a statue of Commander Shepard from the opening of Mass Effect 2, where end up dead and floating in space. The statue was accompanied by a slightly odd press release, and the combination of the two has led to a lot of fans spending the day wondering if everything was OK at the BioWare Gear Store.

It Looks Like A PlayStation Classic, But Your Grappling Hook Is A Frog

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The statue, released as part of a range that also features Kaidan, Thane and the Illusive Man, was pitched in a press release as a “conversation starter”, and described it as “The Mass Effect Shepard’s Death Statue depicts Mass Effect 2's dramatic opening scene: Commander Shepard expelled from a crumbling Normandy and hurtling through space to her untimely demise”.

That’s a…weird thing to capture in a statue, weirder still when it’s pitched that way and you see the sculpt:

To be clear, nobody is angry at this. It’s just…weird! And so many people thought so that, having had a day of feedback, BioWare have decided to not only pull the press release announcing the statue, but pull the statue itself from their online store as well. In a statement issued this evening, BioWare say:

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