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Starfield's PC Specs Announced: You Will Need An SSD

Following Starfield’s big showing over the weekend at Microsoft’s Not-E3 presentation, some more practical details about the game are coming to light. Among them are the game’s specs on PC, and while we don’t normally post that sort of stuff here, one key requirement makes these pretty damn notable.

The Top Ten Most Played Games On Steam Deck: March 2023 Edition

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Here are the specs, courtesy of the game’s newly-updated Steam page:

A solid state drive isn’t just recommended, it’s necessary, even on minimum specs. I honestly can’t think of another game that requires you to have one. They come strongly recommended on PC, of course, especially for big open world video games, but saying you need one is something else.

If you don’t already have one, were thinking of picking up Starfield, met all the other specs but didn’t have an SSD…you are probably very much in the minority, but if so, then that sucks that you’ll need to spend some extra money on hardware you might not have otherwise been expecting.

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