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Overwatch 2's Story Missions Cost $15

Despite canning a PvE mode, Overwatch 2 is still going ahead with some story-based missions, and after showing them off earlier this week we now have some details on how they’re going to work and, more importantly I guess, how much they’re going to cost.

Overwatch 2's New Story Missions: Worth The Money?

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And they’re going to cost a minimum of $15 (or $40 for a bigger download). Look, I know video game development is expensive, and this is a free-to-play game so money has to be made somewhere, but hrmm. Overwatch fans, drawn in large part to the series for its story, lore and characters, have put up with many missteps over Overwatch 2, but charging $15 for three story missions is certainly asking a lot, and the backlash—taking place mostly over social media, since Reddit is a busthas been swift.

Like, look at the terms of this announcement, presented in Blizzard’s own words so you can see how it’s messaged:

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