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Go Mouthful Mode On Real-World Kirby Car Cake

It’s not only the Waddle Dee Town Café in Kirby and the Forgotten Land where you can stuff your face with Kirby-themed eats. As part of the pink ball’s 30th birthday, Kirby Café in Japan, customers can try out real-world mouthful mode as they chow down on Kirby burgers and cakes.

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Character-themed burgers are not new in Japan, and Forgotten Land provides a perfect way to embrace the tradition. The café is serving them up with slightly pinker buns than in Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

Go on, compare for yourself.

The pink buns work way better. I wonder why they’re not pink in the game… There are two types of burgers: one featuring Kirby’s retro face, and one featuring the character’s current mug.

The meal comes with spaghetti and corn soup. Goodness, I love corn soup. The café also has the Mouthful Mode car cake that Kirby and his pals scarf up in the game—for you to do the same.

The Mouthful Mode car cake comes with kiwi fruit, cream and other sweets. The sprinkling of matcha powder gives the illusion of grass, and the whipped cream looks like exhaust smoke. The desert shows that Kirby Café’s presentation skills far outweigh those of Waddle Dee Town Café.

I mean, look at this! They just plopped it on a plate. Way less effort by the staff at the Waddle Dee Town Café. C’mon, folks, try harder! There are currently two Kirby Café locations in Japan: Kirby Café Hakata in Fukuoka and Kirby Café Tokyo in, well, Tokyo.

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