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Man Visits Japan Because of The Yakuza Games, Gets On Japanese TV

SuzuKube of French-language game site OtakuGame.Fr traveled all the way from Martinique with something very specific in mind: He wanted to experience the world of the Yakuza games firsthand.

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As pointed on HachimaKikou (via SoraNews), SuzuKube was interviewed after arriving in Japan for a TV show called You wa Nani Shi ni Nippon e? (Why Did You Come To Japan?). The program approaches tourists at the airport, posing the question to them. Sometimes the responses are quite surprising.

On the show, SuzuKube replied that he had come to Japan because of the Yakuza games. He added that there was no place like Tokyo’s Kabukicho entertainment district on Martinique and that he wanted to experience the place first hand. (He also said he was a little afraid!)

SuzuKube had been waiting ten years to visit Kabukicho and was amazed to see it looked just like in the game.

The in-game version of Tokyo’s Kabukicho is called Kamurocho, and the resemblance is uncanny.

But he was a little let down there weren’t yakuza-looking people like in the game all over the place.

He asked the interviewer where the real yakuza were and pointed out that in the game, people are fighting in the streets.

SuzuKube said he wanted to go find people that looked scarier.

Turns out that Kabukicho wasn’t as dangerous as he thought! Certainly, there are unsavory people in Japan’s entertainment districts. But these days some yakuza might look like regular people and not even have tattoos so they can blend in and commit crimes more easily.

It looks like he had an excellent time. SuzuKube made many wonderful memories.

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