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Smash Bros Champion Gets Twitter Hacked By NFT Dipshits

Earlier today, the Twitter account of Leonardo Lopez Perez, aka “MkLeo,” maybe the best Smash player in the world, was hacked by crypto freaks trying to shill their bogus NFT schemes.

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Five hours ago (from the time of posting) his account tweeted a cryptic message that simply said “big announcement is coming….👀”. Between his reputation, 217,000 followers, and sponsorship deals, that could have meant anything. But whomp, two hours later a follow-up tweet showed he had instead been hacked, as the intruders started posting some visually-nauseating NFT crap instead.

MkLeo’s profile picture was changed to some shitty NFT image (above), and the tweets weren’t even sending people to an actual NFT project, but instead a scam-within-a-scam operation of people pretending to be a well-known outfit known as “The Possessed.”

As Web3 Is Going Great reports, the links in the tweet sent anyone clicking on them to “a scam website that claimed to allow people to mint NFTs from the actual Possessed NFT project,” but was actually just a front for the hustlers.

After getting the word out through other channels, MkLeo has since regained control of his account, and the NFT tweets have been deleted.


Devs Announce NFT Plans For Popular Game, Get Review Bombed On Steam

Storybook Brawl is a popular free-to-play card game on Steam. It has a fairly large and active playerbase who enjoy the game a lot. And now almost all of them seem angry and are review bombing the game’s Steam page after the devs behind Storybook Brawl announced plans to integrate NFTs and blockchain technology into it.

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