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Xbox Series X Hits All-Time Low Price At Best Buy (You Gotta Hurry)

What if I suggested that you download the Best Buy app? Okay, please don’t close this tab, because you should do so if you want to save almost $60 on the recently discounted Xbox Series X for either you or someone you love—and you have to act fast.

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Right now, you can purchase an Xbox Series X for just $339.99, exclusively on the Best Buy app on your smartphone. After downloading the app (you’ll need a Best Buy account, too, which will just require an active email address?), type “Xbox Series X” in the product search bar and then scroll down to the listing. Under “Drops,” you’ll see an estimate of just how much inventory is left plus that sweet discounted $339.99 price. At the time of writing, there’s about 70 percent inventory left, so make like that infamous blue hedgehog and get to it.

Note: This Best Buy Xbox Series X deal ends today, December 19. 

Miss the deal? Don’t worry, you might have another option to save on an Xbox

This deal follows an unexpected (but very awesome) recent $100 price drop on the Xbox Series X. So should you miss out, you can still expect to save some cash on team green’s console this generation.

Walmart is also selling the Xbox Series X at a reduced price of just $349. Unlike the Best Buy deal, this one doesn’t include an inventory counter.

Also, if you’re in the market for a PS5, Walmart is selling the Spider-Man 2 bundle for about $60 off MSRP in both the original disc-reader-equipped model and the slimmed-down version.

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