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Hideo Kojima Is 'Too Tired And Exhausted These Days'

The last few years have been pretty tough both within the game industry and beyond it. Between the pandemic, ongoing wars, greedy corporations squeezing money out of us all, politicians becoming even more vile, and a general sense that things aren’t getting better, it’s hard to stay positive. All of this has led to a lot of people feeling exhausted 24/7—even famed game designer and Geoff Keighley’s best friend, Hideo Kojima.

The Week In Games: What’s Coming Out Beyond Super Mario RPG

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Perhaps you were wondering: “Could Hideo Kojima, the creator behind the popular Metal Gear Solid franchise, feel as tired as me?” Though that’s a weirdly specific question to ponder, the gaming icon posted an answer on X (formerly Twitter), and yeah, he’s feeling tired all the time, too.

“I’m just too tired and exhausted these days,” Kojima posted on December 18.

In response, a lot of people agreed with the designer’s short tweet or offered compliments for all the work he has done over the years on games like Death Stranding and Snatcher.

“Relatable. Just know all your work is so appreciated by myself and many, many others,” replied one user.

However, at least one person decided that this tweet—where Kojima is being honest about feeling tired all the time—was the perfect moment to ask about updating a nearly decade-old video game to change its missions. Calm down and let Kojima relax.

Also, Kojima if you are reading this, you might want to take a year off at some point. The man is working on a movie, a Death Stranding sequel, and a horror game with Jordan Peele. I might know why you are so tired all the time. Take a nap. Please.

In fact, we all deserve a nap. 2023 is almost over. We made it. Congratulations. I hope we all feel better in 2024.

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