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Xbox Series X Briefly Selling For $350 In Biggest Discount Yet

It’s no secret that the Xbox Series X hasn’t been selling great, and this holiday season Microsoft’s “next-gen” console is getting some huge discounts. For a brief period today, Amazon was selling the Starfield machine for as little as $350.

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The console is an absolute steal at that price. No doubt Amazon will sell out of whatever inventory it’s discounting pretty fast. That’s what happened earlier this week when it was selling the Xbox Series X for just $400. Microsoft was already discounting the console by $50 for the Black Friday period, but some stores took matters into their own hands and slashed the price even further.

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The Xbox Series X is normally $500. At just $350, it’s even less than Sony’s all-digital PlayStation 5. And for that price you’re still getting a disc drive that can play old Xbox 360 games and 1TB of SSD storage for only $50 more than the much weaker Xbox Series S, normally priced at $300.

The deep discount isn’t a great indicator for the overall sales success of the Xbox Series X, which Microsoft doesn’t disclose, but it is a great deal for anyone in the market for a “next-gen” console. While The PS5 and Xbox Series X/S era was slow to get off the ground, more and more big blockbusters have been ditching the old PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

2023 is also the year the Xbox Series X finally got its big console exclusive: Starfield. For all of the drama and debate around Bethesda’s newest open-world RPG, it’s still the kind of game you can sink hundreds of hours into and keep discovering new things. This year’s also just been a strong one for third-party games in general, from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor to Alan Wake 2, so there’s plenty to play if you snag one of these for Christmas.

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