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Kotaku Asks: What Do You Want To See From GTA 6?

At long last, the GTA VI rumor mill can slow down. Rockstar Games officially announced the sequel in February 2022, but the studio just confirmed that a trailer for the long-awaited crime sim sequel will arrive on December 5. As we gear up for GTA VI‘s reveal, we at Kotaku have just one question: What do y’all want to see from the game?

You Should Play Grand Theft Auto III Before GTA VI | Total Recall

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We’ve learned a lot about GTA VI over the years thanks to copious leaks and theories. We know the game will star at least two playable protagonists (a Latina woman and a white man, reportedly inspired by Bonnie and Clyde), take place in Vice City, and seemingly feature much of the same gameplay you’ve come to expect from a Grand Theft Auto game. There’s speculation from fans that the upcoming game may get new single-player DLC in an episodic fashion, though Rockstar Games hasn’t said anything about this yet. It’s likely that some of these details will be confirmed (or denied) once the trailers drops.

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Though this isn’t the first time Rockstar Games has made a woman playable in its open-world sandboxes, as the first two GTA games gave you a few gun-toting women to choose from, it does seem like this game will be somewhat more culturally aware and sensitive.

Honestly, that’s what I’m hoping for most of all. San Andreas still reverberates in my mind as both a reflection of my lived experience and a caricature of the hood. Much of GTA is that way: a mirror that seems accurate but is actually one of those in a carnival that distorts the thing it’s reflecting. But maybe the latest Grand Theft Auto game will be a healthy mix of what players love and what the series needs.

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