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New Pokémon App Records Your Farts While You Sleep

Pokémon Sleep, an official Pokémon-themed free app designed to track your sleep, is out now in select countries via a soft launch following an Android-only beta in places like New Zealand and Australia. And some players have noticed that the app records noises you make while sleeping, like yawning, coughs, or even nocturnal flatulence, aka sleepytime farts.

The Week In Games: Pocket Monsters And Simulated Goats

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Pokémon Sleep, first announced way back in 2019, is a sleep-tracking app that monitors when you fall asleep, how long it takes, the duration of your sleep, the time you wake up, and other data points. The app then uses cuddly Pokémon like Togepi or Pikachu to help illustrate how you slept the previous night, potentially allowing you to make changes to get a better, more restful sleep. The more you sleep, the stronger your personal Snorlax will grow, attracting more Pokémon, some of which might even be shinies. And while it’s tracking all this data and monitoring your sleeping habits and noises, it’s also, apparently, recording your nasty little farts.

As spotted by GamesRadar, some players online are already sharing video clips of the various noises Pokémon Sleep has recorded during their slumbers. Some of these noises are what you would expect, like yawns, loud coughs, cats knocking things over in the room, and tossing and turning. But because the app is always listening and recording sounds that cross a certain decibel threshold, it also means that any decently loud farts will be recorded and saved for your future listening pleasure.

The app only holds on to these recordings for 24 hours or until you fall asleep again, so the farts aren’t being saved forever into some digital cloud. I mean, they probably aren’t, but who really knows what you agreed to when you signed the EULA or other agreements attached to the game before installing it? Maybe all these farts are being logged somewhere for future use in Pokémon games? (Probably not.)

And for those who don’t want their farts recorded for posterity, don’t worry. The app has the option to turn off all audio recording if you’d rather your nocturnal emissions be left a mystery. Farts in the void or something like that.

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