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Pikmin 4 Review Roundup: A Chill, Approachable RTS Game

After a decade-long absence, Nintendo’s cult-fave real-time strategy series Pikmin is back with a fourth entry. Hitting the Nintendo Switch on July 21, reviews of Pikmin 4 have started popping up—and they’re mostly glowing, with the game currently holding a score of 87 on aggregators Metacritic and Open Critic thanks in part to the bipedal doggo companion Oatchi. So, like the famed Captain Olimar himself, we figured we’d pluck some reviews from the critic soil to give you an idea of what to expect should you pick the game up.

What You Should Know About Mario Strikers' Big Free Update

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There seem to be some issues with the game, particularly around the way some mechanics don’t become necessary until either late-game or after you’ve beaten it. It’s one of those it-really-opens-up-once-the-credits-roll type of games. However, if you can overlook the lull in the first dozen or so hours, reveling in new features like the companion Oatchi and the somewhat exhilarating boss encounters, Pikmin 4 presents what many have called a relaxed, approachable entry to the long-running real-time strategy franchise.

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