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Overwatch 2’s Next Anime Collaboration Is Cowboy Bebop

Overwatch 2’s second big anime collaboration is coming in season nine, and this time, it’s all about the classic ‘90s space western Cowboy Bebop. This marks the first big crossover event the game has put on in 2024, and cements that Blizzard is more than willing to go back to the anime well after its One Punch Man collaboration last year.

Overwatch 2's New Story Missions: Worth The Money?

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As of right now, we don’t know any of the crossover skins, modes, or other cosmetics that will be added as part of the collaboration. In fact, Blizzard doesn’t even name the event in its trailer for Overwatch 2’s ninth season. The only reason we even know it’s coming is because of a stinger at the end of the video featuring cowboy gunslinger Cassidy on the western-themed Route 66 map. The camera pans to the jukebox found in one of the buildings, and after a coin is tossed in, we hear the iconic horns from Cowboy Bebop’s show’s opening song, “Tank!”

The clip starts at the 2:25 mark:

Blizzard Entertainment

We can naturally assume Cassidy will be featured in some way. Even though we can’t make out what skin he’s wearing in the tease, it’s an easy pitch to dress him up as protagonist Spike. As for who else might be featured, maybe Sombra could get dressed up as Ed since they’re both hackers? Vicious and Genji would make a good crossover since Genji is known to bring a sword to a gunfight. Jet Black’s mechanical arm would make him an easy fit for Doomfist, but given he was the headline of the One Punch Man collaboration, I’d be surprised if he got the same spotlight. But hey, Genji was also part of that collaboration. So anything can happen.

Outside of anime, Overwatch 2 has also collaborated with K-Pop group Le Sserafim for premium skins and a temporary mode. Five of its heroes were even featured in a music video for their song “Perfect Night.” It remains to be seen how expansive the Cowboy Bebop crossover will be, but the One-Punch Man collaboration mostly stuck to in-game rewards.

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