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Capcom Is Curious If Y'all Want More Dino Crisis

A new survey from Capcom asks fans if they are interested in more sequels or new entries in franchises like Dino Crisis and Onimusha. As someone who regularly sees people asking for more Dino Crisis—the last game came out in 2003—I think I can answer that question for Capcom.

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Over on the “Capcom Town” website—an amusement park-themed site launched in June 2023 celebrating the company’s then-40th anniversary—a 10-question survey was recently added that has caught the attention of fans. Some of the questions aren’t that interesting, like those asking who your favorite Capcom character is, but others are more intriguing and hint at possible future games from the publisher.

Capcom is just wondering if any of you are interested in new Okami games. Or maybe another Resident Evil. Or even, like, a Dino Crisis or new Devil May Cry sequel. Anybody? Apparently, Capcom hasn’t looked online in the last decade and seen people endlessly begging for more Okami or Onimusha.

One of the 10 questions asked: “Are there any Capcom game series (including spin-off games) that you would like to see get a sequel or new game?” Folks can select up to three franchises.

Here are the options:

Another question in the same survey asked: “Is there a game you would like to see completely remade with the latest technology, including character design and story direction?” This time Capcom only let people pick one. Make it count.

Here’s the full list:

Of course, these questions and lists aren’t confirmation that Capcom is going to be reviving any of these dormant or less popular franchises right away or ever. But it is curious to see the company putting out feelers and asking fans if they really want a new Final Fight or a Commando remake.

If you’re wondering, I voted for a remake of the first three Onimusha games and told Capcom we need new installments in the Dino Crisis, Lost Planet, and Dead Rising franchises. Can you imagine how many zombies Capcom could fit on the screen on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S? I want to live in that future.

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