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Naughty Dog Say The Last Of Us' PC Port Not 'The Quality Level You Expect And Deserve'

The Last Of Us was re-released for the 117th time last week, this time on the PC (which was admittedly a first!), and like the huge launches for games like Horizon and God of War should have been cause for celebration. Instead the week, and fans’ expectations, were sunk by a ton of performance issues and bugs.

Stylish Cel-Shaded Skating Shooter Rollerdrome Looks To Be Pure Joy On Wheels

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As we reported last week, users have reported widespread freezes, crashes to desktop, sluggish performance and weird mouse aiming stutters. And even when the game does work, folks are running into stuff like hair and eyebrow textures that make everyone look like they’re starring in a gritty Crash Bandicoot reboot.

At the time, developers Naughty Dog said:

A week later, they have decided to expand on that a little, acknowledging that the port simply isn’t up to the standards expected of the series or the studio, and giving a timeframe for the first and second of what will be several urgently-needed updates:

I have the utmost sympathy for anyone making a video game, of any scale, let alone teams trying to port a AAA blockbuster coded for a specific console to another platform. It’s hard work, testing is hard, this work is complicated.

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