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Fortnite Chapter 5 Leak Reveals Peter Griffin And Solid Snake Skins

An early leak via the Xbox store has seemingly revealed that Peter Griffin from Family Guy and Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series will be available in Fortnite’s next season. What a world we live in.

Dead By Daylight Devs’ New Game Is Fortnite Meets Doom

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At the moment, Fortnite’s OG season is wrapping up. This took players back to the popular battle royale’s original island and saw the return of classic weapons, too. But this flashback season of nostalgia is coming to an end with a “Big Bang Event” on December 2 that will kick off Chapter 5: Season 1, likely with a new island. And according to a leak, Peter Griffin will apparently be there to guide us into this new era of Fortnite.

On December 1 an ad for what appears to be the next season of Fortnite showed up early on the Xbox store. Twitter/X user MGA_Lani spotted the small advert and it was later reshared by Fortnite news account Shiina. The ad shows a few new skins, but the two that the internet is mainly focused on right now are Peter Griffin in a tuxedo and Solid Snake.

While Solid Snake seems like a pretty obvious inclusion, as Fortnite has spent the last few years adding famous video game characters to its roster of skins, it’s still cool to see the world’s greatest sneaking expert and cardboard box lover show up in Epic’s battle royale extravaganza.

The more surprising inclusion is Peter Griffin. For a long time now, Peter Griffin had been a Fortnite community meme, with players endlessly and jokingly requesting the animated father from Fox’s hit Simpsons knock-off be added to the game. It got to the point where it seemed so meme-y and desperate that it was surely never going to happen. And yet, here we are.

We now live in a world where you can load up Fortnite and be partnered up with Ariana Grande and Rick from Rick and Morty. Then you can drop onto the island dressed as Darth Vader, get into a fight with Spider-Man, die, and just as Rick is trying to revive you he gets taken out by Goku who is backed up by the Xenomorph from Aliens. And soon, you can toss Peter Griffin and Solid Snake into this metaversal IP stew of nightmares we call Fortnite.

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