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Hidden Inside Frogger On PlayStation Is An Unused Q*Bert Level

Frogger on the PlayStation 1 was a game I played a lot as a kid. But as I hopped around the various maps for hours and hours, I had no idea what was lurking just out of sight. Turns out a bunch of unused and random bits and bobs are hiding just out of bounds in Frogger.

Princess Peach’s Leading Role And More New Releases

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A lot of interesting and out of place things were found with the help of Frogger modder and superfan Kneesnap. These discoveries were then showcased in a recent video from the popular YouTube channel Boundary Break.

One of the most interesting finds is a totally unused level, which seems to be inspired by the video game Q*bert. This was most likely a map used to test various parts of the game, but it remains hidden away on the disc.

There is also a lot of unused or unseen objects in Frogger on PS1. In a sewer level, you can find a weirdly textured fridge and on another level, there is an unused flag model. And hidden away below the retro stage is an unused fly design and model.

If you played a lot of Frogger on PS1 back in the day, you might get a kick out of seeing these levels in their entirety, via some great zoom outs featured in the video. Something about seeing these maps as a whole is so strange. I spent hours only seeing a small part of any map at any given time. Seeing them all zoomed out makes them look so much…smaller.

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