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Cthulu Game Creators Acknowledge That Lovecraft Was A Racist

H. P. Lovecraft was a very talented writer whose Cthulhu mythos is one of the absolute great works of modern fiction. He was also—and this is something very few companies profiting off his works will acknowledge—a massive racist.

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I’m not talking about “oh, this was the old days, he had some antiquated views like a lotta folks did” kinda racism. Lovecraft was a straight-up white supremacist, whose personal writings on Italians, blacks and Jews were as horrific as any of his supernatural horror stories. This excellent piece for Lit Hub by Wes House summarizes:

Yeah, yikes. So it’s nice to see Evil Hat Productions, the team behind the upcoming tabletop RPG Fate of Cthulhu, include a note in the book referencing this:

Here’s a bigger version if you’re on a phone:

I say it’s nice because across comics, board and video games, I don’t remember ever seeing this before, despite it being one of the great unspoken facts behind so much of Lovecraft’s inspiration and writing.

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