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Halo Show Gives Us The Fall Of Reach And The First Season For Free

Paramount’s Halo series was divisive when it premiered in 2022. Much to the chagrin of long-time fans who wanted a straightforward adaptation of the iconic video game franchise, it did its own thing, unmasking the iconic Master Chief and even giving him a romantic subplot. Based on the trailer for season two, it looks like we might be getting a more faithful adaptation this time around. The trailer appears to be focusing on the fall of Reach, the devastating event that floored fans in 2010’s Halo: Reach. Will we get another round of Master Chief butt? To be determined.

Take A Tour Through Halo Infinite's Newest Arena Maps

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Halo’s second season will premiere on Paramount+ on February 8, and it’s leaning harder into the war between humanity and the Covenant than season one did. Though the series was deemed non-canon early on, several fans took issue with its divergence from the original games. Pablo Schreiber returns as the often unmasked Master Chief, undoubtedly to lead humanity’s forces in the fight against the Covenant—though it’s unclear how the events of last season will affect his mental state…

Check out the season two trailer here:


It appears Paramount is also trying to bring in as many new viewers as possible ahead of season two by putting the first season’s eight-episode run on YouTube for free. So if you missed out on Master Chief ass and still don’t want to pay for a subscription, the entire thing’s been compiled in a playlist on Paramount Plus’ channel.

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