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Fortnite Players Are Bummed About Solid Snake’s ‘Nerfed’ Ass

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 has begun, introducing new locations, skins, and weapons to unlock. One of the skins, Metal Gear Solid’s Snake, is buried deep within this season’s battle pass, and while folks are figuring out how to unlock the bonus cosmetic, it seems everyone’s bummed by his newfound lack of cake.

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Solid Snake, the primary protagonist of many of the Metal Gear Solid games, has found himself in crossovers before Fortnite. He briefly appeared in the action-platformer Ape Escape 3, the sports game Evolution Skateboarding, and a number of fighters, including DreamMix TV World Fighters and the Super Smash Bros. series. While he generally maintained the same look across the games he cameoed in, one thing did change with each time Solid Snake showed up: the plumpness of his buttocks. His posterior is normally quite prominent, what with the amount of jumping and crawling he does out on the field, but Super Smash Bros Ultimate decimated his cheeks, leaving folks sad that his ass was flat. Now the same thing’s happened in Fortnite.

Snake’s ass has been nerfed, again

Folks took to the internet, from TikTok to Reddit to Twitter, to share their grief over developer Epic Games utterly “de-cakeifying” Solid Snake in Fortnite. You’d think someone just died with the level of sadness that’s all over the timeline, as people post about how the former spy has zero, ahem, assets. It’s actually quite tragic.

The common sentiment from posters online, it seems, is that Epic Games—or Fortnite—hates male ass since the game flattened Omni-Man’s butt, as well as those of several other in-game character skins, including Captain America and Doomguy.

Fortnite nerfed Snake’s ass,” twitter user AttackOnCoffee wrote. “This is a crime.”

“Screaming and yelling and throwing up because they gave fortnite solid snake a flat ass which is deeply antithetical to everything hideo kojima stands for,” tweeted slayerfest1999. “Disgusting.”

“Snake has no ass,” said JupiterJepsen on X/Twitter. “Rip.”

As you can see, Solid Snake’s got some flat cakes, which is quite contradictory when you look at what he had in, say, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. In fact, a meme that’s been floating around for a few years now sees our former spy making a lot of noise while sneaking around a warehouse because he’s “dummy thicc,” referring to his substantive cheeks. Voice actor David Hayter even got in on the fun, lending his iconic pipes to deliver one of the best lines in gaming. It’s a shame, then, that Epic Games is not honoring the character’s leg-assy—I mean, legacy in Fortnite.

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