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Play This Classic Combat Evolved Level In Halo Infinite

One of Halo Infinite’s last major updates allowed users to spawn AI from the single-player campaign in multiplayer matches. Combined with the depth of Halo’s map creator, Forge, it was only a matter of time until folks harnessed this to start recreating signature moments from Halo’s many games over the years. And now, you can play one of the best levels from the first game, Assault on the Control Room.

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Created by HMKiller05, Nikos, and xXBarthXx, Assault on the Control Room is a faithful recreation of this classic Halo map that offers a tour through the series’ staple features: crawls through tight corridors, vast open areas, and vehicular combat.

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Playing user-made maps and modes in Infinite can be a little tricky, so this guide will walk you through the whole process.

How to download Assault on the Control Room and its required game mode

In Halo Infinite’s main menu, navigate to the “Community Tab” and select “Browse All.” On the right hand side, select the “Keywords” option and type in “Assault On The Control.” The text field is not large enough to contain the level’s whole title (it will fit an “R” at the end, but this will turn up no search results).

You should see three results from this search. You want the first two results with 2024 publication dates that start with “Pt. 1” and “Pt. 2.” There’s also a thumbnail that says “Assault On The Control Room Campaign – Part I 1- 4 Players.” “Select Pt. 1” and check off the “Bookmark” option on the left side.

Once you’ve bookmarked the first part, click on “Owner’s Files” on the left hand side of the same screen where you bookmarked the map. You’ll be taken to a page where you can select and bookmark “Pt. 2 Assault on the Control Room.” You’ll also see several game modes titled “Halo CE Campaign” with different difficulty levels for each one. Go ahead and bookmark all of these files individually.

How to play Assault on the Control Room in Halo Infinite

Once you’ve bookmarked the necessary maps and game modes for Assault on the Control Room, go back to the “Play” tab in Halo Infinite’s main menu. Select “Custom Game” and then “Create Match.” This will take you to the custom game settings screen.

From here, first select “Mode Editor” on the left side. Select the top left option, navigate to “My Bookmarks” and select the Halo CE Campaign with your desired difficulty. If you’re playing solo, I recommend starting with easy as the map and mode contain certain tweaks to make Infinite play more like Combat Evolved. The result is a slower and somewhat tougher experience.

After you’ve set the custom game to “Halo CE Campaign,” select “Map” on the custom game settings screen. Select “My Bookmarks” and navigate to either Pt. 1 or Pt. 2 of Assault on the Control Room.

If you’re playing solo, your next step is to just hit “Play” and you’re off! If you want your game to appear in the “Customs Browser” so that random players can join your game, select “Lobby Options” and set “Visibility” to “Public.” It’s recommended to set the “Max Lobby Size” to four players for Assault on the Control Room.

Important tips for playing Assault on the Control Room

Assault on the Control Room is a pretty intense map, featuring the full suite of all AI allowed on a map at once. As is recommended by the creator, you should try and keep your party together when playing with others. Splitting up across the map can lead to strange bugs.

Also, you’ll note that the gun icons for the Assault Rifle and Sidekick don’t match the gun you’re holding. In order to make these guns behave more like their Halo Combat Evolved counterparts, the Sidekick was combined with the Stalker Rifle to grant the pistol a scope at the cost of a slightly reduced rate of fire, while the Assault Rifle was fused with the Sentinel Beam to up its magazine capacity.

By default, the “Halo CE Campaign” mode won’t allow players to Sprint or Clamber (grab ledges), and reload speed has been reduced. If you wish to alter these settings, you can do so by selecting “Mode Editor,” and then navigating to “Movement.” Change all the altered values to “Default,” and the game should play similarly to Halo Infinite. You’ll still have the altered weapons, however. Changing these requires messing with the scripting in Forge, which is outside of the scope of this guide.

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