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Call Of Duty: How To Unlock And Kit Out The TAQ Evolvere

Last week’s Call of Duty update brought with it two new guns, the HRM-9 SMG and the TAQ Evolvere light machine gun. In this guide we’ll take a look at getting the most out of the LMG. With a 100-round magazine, the TAQ Evolvere is more than capable of supplying you with enough firepower, but choosing the right attachments and loadouts for both multiplayer and battle royale are essential for getting the most out of this weapon.

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Unlocking the TAQ Evolvere, however, isn’t as straightforward as the HRM-9. You’ll need to clear at least five challenges on season one, week seven’s list. They are as follows:

Get three first blood kills with a recommended weaponGet 20 kills with Jak Beholder Rifle Kit equipped to TYRGet 20 kills with Jak Signal Burst equipped to Holger 556Get 20 kills with Jak Headhunter Carbine Kit equipped to Rival-9Get 30 kills with Jak Bullseye equipped to a recommended weaponGet three fury kills with a recommended weapon

You’ll notice one of the weekly challenges here has been left out. That’s because there’s a typo in the game. The challenge to “Get 30 kills with the AOK 4.0x RQ-9 Recon equipped to a recommended weapon” won’t work with the AOK optic equipped. Instead, use the KR Intlas LSJ-3 to finish this challenge.

You’ll need to reach at least rank 50 in MW3 to attain all the guns for this challenge, as well as completing the previous week’s challenges to unlock the Jak kits. To view each week’s challenge, select the icon with the six boxes in the upper-right-hand corner of the main menu and navigate to “Challenges.” You’ll see tabs for each challenge.

Also, you can more easily keep track of various challenges by clicking on them. This will pin them to the right-hand challenges column in the match selector screen for easy viewing.

Best TAQ Evolvere setup

Once you’ve unlocked the TAQ Evolvere, here are the best weapon attachment options:

Muzzle: JAK BFBBarrel: LRF Righteous Long Barrel (or Eviction 762 Heavy Barrel)Underbarrel: Bruen Tactical Vertical Grip (or SL Skeletal vertical GripOptics: SL Trusight 2.5Rear Stock: Bombardier Stock

You may also wish to consider swapping one of these options out for the 50-Round 762 magazine to make the Evolvere easier to handle at the cost of ammo capacity.

For your loadout, consider the following options to make the most of the TAQ Evolvere’s firepower:

Vest: Gunner Vest (or Overkill if you want to carry a second primary)Tactical: Snapshot Grenade (Or stun or flash if you want to mow down affected enemies)Lethal: Frag GrenadeGloves: Marksman GlovesBoots: Covert sneakers (or Lightweight)

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