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Grand Theft Auto VI's First Trailer Drops Early After Leak

The first trailer for Rockstar Games’ upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI has arrived after a decade of rumors, speculation, and waiting.

You Should Play Grand Theft Auto III Before GTA VI | Total Recall

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Today’s GTA trailer was first teased in a November 8 post from Rockstar president Sam Houser about the company’s 25-year history and its future, which of course includes the massive sequel. And now that long-awaited teaser trailer is live, providing fans with their first glimpse at the world of Grand Theft Auto VI.

Rockstar Games

The new trailer, which features Tom Petty’s “Love is a Long Road,” is 90 seconds long and immediately confirms the location of this latest sequel is in Leonida, Rockstar’s version of Florida, as previously reported.

The first character we meet is Lucia, who appears to be in prison at the start of the trailer. When she is asked why she’s locked up she replies, “Bad luck, I guess.”

After that brief intro, the trailer shows a beautiful beach packed with tourists and animals, including birds and dolphins. The trailer actually features a lot of animals, including flamingos and alligators.

We also see what looks like the swampy Everglades and someone piloting an airboat. It’s a GTA game so of course there’s a quick shot of a strip club and crowded streets covered in graffiti.

“The only way we are going to get through this is by sticking together. Being a team,” Lucia says toward the end of the trailer. She then asks her partner in crime, Jason, “Trust?” and he replies, “Trust.”

What we know about GTA VI thanks to leaks

Even before this official look at Rockstar’s GTA V sequel, we knew quite a bit about what to expect in the game thanks to a large, unprecedented leak of early gameplay footage back in 2022.

That leak seemingly confirmed reports that the game would feature two playable protagonists and would be set in sunny Vice City, a location seen in previous, older entries. Of course, most famously it was the main setting of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which first landed on PS2 in 2002.

Now, fans have an actual trailer to dig through, frame-by-frame, to pull out even more details about the upcoming open-world crime sim. I also expect players will start cross-referencing footage from the leak with this new trailer to see what has changed and what remains the same.

And for those dedicated GTA fans who have been mapping out GTA VI’s new Vice City via the leaked footage, this trailer will provide a bunch of new visual data to aid them in that endeavor.

It remains to be seen if this upcoming GTA sequel will match the gargantuan success of its predecessor, 2013's GTA V. That game, helped by its online multiplayer component, has gone on to be one of the best-selling video games of all time, with 190 million copies sold as of November 2023. Not many games could match those outrageous numbers, beyond—perhaps—the next big GTA sequel.

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