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Looks Like The GTA VI Trailer Just Leaked Online (Update: Rockstar Confirms, Releases Trailer Early)

The trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI was planned to be released tomorrow, on December 5, but a random Twitter account seems to have leaked it early. According to the trailer, the game is planned to launch in 2025.

You Should Play Grand Theft Auto III Before GTA VI | Total Recall

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Update: Rockstar has now confirmed the leak via Twitter and released the trailer. Check out our rundown here.

Back in November, Rockstar teased that a GTA VI trailer was coming. The news came in a post from Rockstar president and co-founder Sam Houser about the company’s 25-year history and its future, which of course includes the massive sequel. But the trailer seems to have leaked out a day ahead of schedule.

So take this as your warning that the GTA VI trailer is seemingly out there now. The original post that shared it has since been deleted, likely due to DMCA claims and Rockstar lawyers. But copies will be appearing across the web as people scramble to share the highly anticipated first trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI ahead of tomorrow’s scheduled release.

This is just yet one more possible leak for Rockstar and its super-hyped GTA sequel. Last year, early gameplay was posted online and revealed a lot about what to expect.

And before today’s trailer leaked, gameplay and other footage seemingly leaked on TikTok on December 3. Some fans suggested the person behind the leak was the son of a developer at Rockstar, but that has yet to be confirmed or verified by anyone involved. It might be time to just let the trailer out early before even more is leaked. We shall see.

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