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50,000 GTA Fans Are Staring At A Blank Screen Waiting For Rockstar To Blow Their Minds

On December 5, Rockstar Games will finally show the world the first official look at the next Grand Theft Auto. The highly anticipated sequel to 2013's GTA V has a lot of hype, which might explain why over 50,000 fans are currently sat there watching a blank screen while waiting for the teaser.

You Should Play Grand Theft Auto III Before GTA VI | Total Recall

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The decade-long wait for Grand Theft Auto VI’s first trailer finally ends on Tuesday. In November, Rockstar confirmed via a post from the company’s co-founder, Sam Houser, that the trailer would be released in early December, later confirmed to be December 5 specifically. And that’s tomorrow. But that hasn’t stopped 51,000+ fans from gathering at the locked YouTube upload and patiently waiting.

Rockstar Games

As of 3:20 p.m. ET, the official Rockstar Games YouTube channel upload for “Trailer 1" has 51,791 viewers waiting. These fans still have to wait about 18 hours before the trailer goes live on December 5 at 9 a.m. ET. But after waiting a decade, what’s a few more hours?

And hey, at least the upcoming trailer’s placeholder screen gives them something to look at while they wait for the first footage of Grand Theft Auto VI, Rockstar’s first new video game release since 2018's Red Dead Redemption II. They can look at the beautiful palm trees, and the gorgeous pink-colored sunset, and of course, can wait for the trailer to go live while pondering those now-famous three birds.

What secrets are they hiding? What do the birds mean?! I’m still wondering. Tell me everything you know, birds!

Anyway, if you want some very specific nostalgia while you wait for the trailer to drop, I recommend opening up this YouTube video of the GTA IV trailer countdown commercial that aired on FX and other channels in the middle night back in March 2007.

Thinking Alex / Rockstar Games

Each gunshot marked another second passed. The video is only two minutes long, so depending on how long you wait around, you’ll need to restart it a few times.

I do wonder, how many people waiting right now are hoping against all hope that the trailer will go live a few minutes early. If so, they’ll be there, ready to watch it and (probably) re-watch it a few more times.

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