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Street Fighter 6 Players Drag Capcom For ‘Insane’ New Costume Prices

After remaining silent on the price of the much-anticipated new skins for all 18 Street Fighter 6 launch characters, we finally know how much each alternate costume will cost, and fans of the 2D fighter aren’t too happy about the prices they’re seeing.

Hopefully Street Fighter 6's New Open-World Won't Mean Capcom Skimps On The Fighting

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The company announced on November 21 that all 18 Street Fighter 6 characters will get a brand-new costume. Called Outfit 3, each skin was, according to Capcom, “inspired by in-game illustrations, various cultures, and pure fun.” They look dope, especially the ninja-inspired garb for my main Kimberly, but there was one question on everyone’s mind: How much would these costumes run for? Well, now that the alternate skins have dropped, the prices are exorbitant. Specifically, one outfit for one character costs you 300 Fighter Coins, the game’s premium currency you can only buy with real money. 300 Fighter Coins is nominally equivalent to $6. However, it ain’t that simple.

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Street Fighter 6 skin prices are ‘outrageous’

While shelling out 300 FC for one character’s Outfit 3 skin nets you the costume and nine additional colorways, there are two problems with the monetization here: You can’t buy exactly 300 FC through microtransactions and these specific skins can only be unlocked by forking over IRL money, not through playing the game. While the second problem sucks, it’s the first problem that’s pissing folks off.

If you wanted to get just one skin for your main—in my case, Kimberly—you would need to spend $10 to get two separate FC bundles containing 250 FC each. That can easily rack up since there are 18 Outfit 3 skins you can buy in Street Fighter 6, and since Capcom isn’t offering a complete bundle or a discount for purchasing more than one skin, if you wanted to collect them all, you’d have to subtract about $100 from your bank account. This monetization is what has folks riled up across Reddit and X/Twitter.

The sentiment is the same on the Street Fighter subreddit, too. Redditor Unlucky-Chair76 said the pricing is “insane” for a $60 game, while another user claimed Capcom is “out of their minds” for charging this much for skins. Soul699 posted in the subreddit that folks should not buy the costumes because the prices are “outrageous.” Meanwhile, redditor Edgelordguydude said that though they think the pricing is fine, the real problem is the lack of a bundled discount. Ultimately, as user oneizm put it, all you can do is “vote with your wallet.”

Kotaku reached out to Capcom for comment.

Street Fighter 6 has been quite successful since it launched on June 2. It’s easily the most approachable fighting game out right now, what with its modern controls and training mode that makes understanding fighting game mechanics so much easier for newcomers. It’s just a bummer that Capcom is tainting such a hit with aggressively bad monetization practices.


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