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Fortnite’s Greek Mythology Skins Leak Ahead Of Season 2

Over the years, Fortnite has done it all. It’s gone to sea, war, space, alternate timelines, and the end (and subsequent reboot) of the world. Most importantly, it recently hosted a Lady Gaga takeover. With its upcoming season 5 though, Fortnite is taking a classical approach to its theme and venturing to the land of Greek mythology.

God Of War Ragnarök DLC: Spend 19 Minutes In Valhalla

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Over the weekend, a giant hand emerged from the ground near an in-game amphitheater (clever!) with a chest in its clutches, prompting players to crack it open. Players, who have been keen to the incoming Greek theme due to the usual drip-feed of teases from Epic and leaks from dataminers, proceeded to spend the weekend shooting the chest, which boasted a health pool the size of Mount Olympus. When it finally reached zero, the box opened and a fiery vortex erupted from its contents. Turns out that wasn’t just any average chest, but in fact, Pandora’s Box. And Fortnite players unleashed it. You know, that thing the mythology and retellings of it have always warned against. Way to go, y’all.

Now, the battle pass skins have—in traditional fashion—leaked just ahead of season 5, set to kick off on March 8, further confirming the Greek theme. Among the skins are some staples of Greek mythology, such as Zeus, Aphrodite, and Medusa, the latter of which will reportedly have at least two skin variants available Odyssey, an NPC who sprung up in the game around the same time as the giant hand and Greek-themed changes to the map, will also seemingly receive a skin that will be a free reward for ranked play next season. Other skins on the battle pass seem to run through most of the pantheon, including Hades, Artemis, Ares, and Aphrodite. Even Cerberus seems to make an appearance.

One of the more significant rumors circulating around the Greek-themed season is that Epic might introduce an alternate skin for God of War protagonist Kratos, who already received a skin years ago that’s in line with his appearance in the most recent set of games. According to said rumors, Kratos’ alternate skin would be a throwback to his appearance in the beginning of the series, when he took on the Greek pantheon. Just please, no one recreate the end of Kratos’ fight with Poseidon in Fortnite. Once truly was enough.

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