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Fans Deem Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s Moogle A Freaky Little Guy

Moogles, one of the consistent mascots of the Final Fantasy franchise, have taken many different forms over the series’ lifetime. While they’re always mammalian in some way, they’ve resembled different animals such as bears, bunnies, cats, and bats across iterations. These little guys are usually beloved, but the community is turning against the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth moogles because why the hell does it have an entire set of rodent teeth?

Three Things We Learned From The Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Demo

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Part of the issue is comparison, because looking at Rebirth’s moogles next to, say, Final Fantasy XVI’s shows a stark contrast between the cute, fuzzy little guys of last year’s game and the bear-like, almost human-faced ones of Rebirth. It’s such a jarring mix of different animals that I wouldn’t have known it was a moogle if it weren’t for the characteristic ball and wings.

Granted, the Final Fantasy XVI moogle loses points for the weird vein in the ball on top of its head, so every moogle design probably has something to nitpick. But you expect me to look at the Rebirth moogle and believe it doesn’t have a salaried management position at the local Midgar Applebee’s and pays taxes every year? You want me to think this adult man just says “kupo” all the time in a high-pitched range and that his voice doesn’t drop down an octave the second he’s in the safety of his own home? I’m not buying it, Nomura. You can’t fool me. That’s a face that knows what an iPhone is.

Luckily, I am not alone in my revulsion, as fans are bullying the Rebirth moogles online.

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