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Everything We Know About Zenless Zone Zero

Ever since HoYoverse released Genshin Impact in 2020, the developer has been on a winning streak. Major updates of Genshin Impact have continuously delivered interesting story expansions and new characters. Then 2023’s Honkai: Star Rail showed HoYoverse could replicate its success with a sci-fi turn-based RPG. Heading into 2024 the company isn’t slowing down, with the next project on the horizon being urban-fantasy RPG Zenless Zone Zero.

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It’s been almost two years since HoYoverse first revealed Zenless Zone Zero. In that time we have seen a few teases of the game and even a beta that let players get a taste of what’s to come. But what exactly do we know about the game and when players can expect to get their hands on it? Let’s dive in.

Zenless Zone Zero release date and platforms

One thing we still don’t have is a release date, but according to a tease during the 2023 Game Awards the game will release in 2024.

Like past HoYoverse games, ZZZ will be available on iOS, Android, and PC when it does eventually release. Thanks to a recent sizzle reel during the January State of Play we also know the game will be coming to PlayStation 5 though this new trailer notably did not have the 2024 release window.

Zenless Zone Zero trailer


ZZZ was first revealed in May of 2022 with a trailer titled “Welcome to New Eridu” that was all about vibes and setting. It quickly establishes itself as a unique entry into HoYoverse’s portfolio alongside Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail thanks to an urban fantasy aesthetic. Subsequent trailers for ZZZ have put a focus on the features fans have come to expect out of HoYoverse games: characters and combat. The game’s YouTube channel is full of character demos and teases of the story that do an effective job at selling the appeal of ZZZ.

Zenless Zone Zero setting and story

ZZZ takes place in a post-apocalyptic world called New Eridu that is dominated by high-rises. Prior to the events of the game, the majority of humanity was wiped out due to disasters referred to as Hollows which open up dimensions with monsters called Ethreal. New Eridu became the last bastion of humanity and a thriving city thanks to technology that could extract resources from the Hollows. This resource also created a loads of potential for people to make money, so the Hollows were opened up for people to explore. In order to navigate the Hollows most people use a Proxy, a special guide. The protagonist of ZZZ is one such Proxy and guides characters through the Hollows for whatever reason they provide. Through repeat visits, the Proxy will learn about the characters of ZZZ and the machinations behind New Eridu.

Zenless Zone Zero gameplay


After switching things up with the turn-based combat of Honkai: Star Rail, HoYoverse is returning to action-oriented combat in ZZZ. Trailers and character demos highlight team-oriented battles that feel reminiscent of Genshin Impact while putting a greater emphasis on timing dodges and assists to deliver more powerful combo attacks on opponents. Most of ZZZ will take place in the Hollows, which acts as a roguelike dungeon for the player to navigate.

HoYoverse hasn’t detailed the gacha mechanics of ZZZ, but it is likely the game will have a monetization system similar to those found in the company’s other titles. These give players the opportunity to pull for more powerful characters and equipment in exchange for in-game or real currency.

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