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Stop Wasting Your Tears of The Kingdom Bombs, Do This Instead

Bombs were an infinite resource back in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild because Link could spawn them from his Sheikah Slate at will. In Tears of the Kingdom, however, you have no explosives waiting in your fantasy iPad. Instead, explosive items are precious, finite things you find in the world and thus, they have to be used strategically. However, there is one economically efficient way to create a weapon that’s uniquely suited for blowing shit up, and it’s both fun to use and lets you hang onto what few bombs you do come across rather than using them every time you want to make something go boom.

Why Mario Strikers: Battle League Could Be Nintendo’s Next Multiplayer Hit

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Link’s Fuse ability in Tears of the Kingdom is one of your most useful, as it lets you give each sword, shield, and arrow a secondary effect just by slapping some other object on the end of it. This includes Zonai Cannons, which you can find throughout Hyrule in device dispensers. The most reliable gacha machine I’ve found to stock up on cannons is in the Sky Island in the southern area of Necluda Sky Archipelago. If you slap one of those bad boys on the end of a long weapon like a spear or staff, you essentially give yourself a rocket launcher that can shoot explosives at obstacles and enemies.

To do this, hold down R like you would if you were going to throw a weapon. Instead of chucking your new cannon spear at an enemy, the game briefly becomes an over-the-shoulder shooter and Link will fire a cannonball at wherever you’re aiming. The weapon will be powered by your Energy Cell battery, so it won’t be an infinite resource, but if you’re lacking Bomb Flowers, this is an easy way to keep some heavy-duty firepower on your person at all times.

Although Link doesn’t have the standard Bomb item in his arsenal in Tears of the Kingdom, explosives are still pretty core to some sections of the game. Some enemies are best dealt with by blowing them up, but there are also rock formations and other obstacles you’ll need to get through with either explosives or a blunt, club-like weapon. Yes, you can simply take a nasty club to some of these obstacles and save yourself some Bomb Flowers. Just use Fuse on a nearby stone and even the daintiest of weapons will hit hard enough to break through stone.

This is one of those things the game doesn’t go out of its way to tell you, but since Bomb Flowers are one of the only items whose explosive power is communicated in the name, many folks can become overly reliant on them. So before you use one, just make sure you don’t already have a Zonai Cannon or rock-based weapon first. Bomb Flowersare too scarce to just be shooting them at anything that moves.

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