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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Players Are Solving Everything With Logs

One of the coolest new features in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is Link’s fancy Ultrahand ability, which lets you fuse together various objects to come up with creative solutions to the game’s puzzles or inventive ways to reach otherwise unreachable areas. Players are already finding it incredibly useful with one item in particular: Logs.

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Tears of the Kingdom is the latest in Nintendo’s long-running, epic fantasy adventure series. Like its predecessor, Breath of the Wild, TotK is set in an expansive open world that allows players to play the game at their own pace, fulfilling quests, taking in the sights and sounds, and, now, coming up with more clever solutions to challenging problems with a robust and intuitive crafting system.

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Players can slap together all manner of in-game objects to make new vehicles, devices, and, um, other things. And of while people are coming up with clever uses for many in-game objects,, tree logs in particular are bordering on broken, letting players easily cross vast distances, craft over-designed vehicles, and just have some straightforward fun.

I refuse to solve anything any other way than ‘more logs’

Like Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom features numerous shrines for Link to solve, most filled with unique traversal and puzzle challenges. But as one player has discovered, if that shrine happens to give you some logs to play with, half a dozen will get you to the objective in no time.

Gluing logs together to cross vast distances isn’t just helpful for puzzles, as Onion-Pete discovered on Twitter. Like a DIY Sam Porter Bridges, Link can easily cross bodies of water to reach remote land masses. According to this tweet, it seems 21 logs is the limit as well, which seems both impressive yet quite rational for a limit on this fun ability.

But okay, this isn’t just a log-measuring contest. Even short bundles of logs can be quickly transformed into makeshift stairs to make scaling cliff faces faster than it ever was before.

As you can fuse objects of different kinds together, logs are also a great way to push other materials to higher heights, as Broncotron discovered on Reddit. Now no enemy fortress is safe from unexpected invasion.

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Link’s Ultrahand ability grants some generous freedom with positioning, but it turns out that simply picking up objects (and by objects, yes, I mean logs) still lets you interact with the game’s physics. One player on TikTok took advantage of this for an easy solution to one of the game’s puzzles, using a bunch of logs to form the handle of a giant spatula to deliver a key item into place.

Why just build when you can overbuild?

Logs in TotK also have buoyancy, which means you can craft simple rafts. Technically you only need about three logs for a raft to be usable, but that’s not stopping some players from making veritable barges out of these things.

Elsewhere, players are choosing more aesthetically pleasing options, with a “Linktanic” in one case that looks about ready to sink. Good thing Link doesn’t have access to Cryonis anymore.

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