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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Fans Have Had Enough Of Elon Musk

A Japanese The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player has taken their frustration with billionaire dummy Elon Musk to an extreme by writing the former Twitter CEO’s name out in Hyrule Kingdom and bombing it to bits, and fans have taken that as a rallying cry against recent user-unfriendly changes.

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Twitter user chocrab_1226 has been at the forefront of Tears of the Kingdom creations since the open-world adventure game came out on May 12. They’ve gone viral on Twitter for various inventions such as spinning flamethrowers, Korok torture devices and swing sets, and watering systems, among other contraptions. Link’s new abilities—particularly Fuse and Ultrahand—let folks flex their creative muscles, especially if they have the build instructions in front of them, but I certainly didn’t have “bomb Elon” on my bingo card for this year.

Huff, puff, blow Elon Musk’s name up

Chocrab_1226 tweeted on July 2 their latest stunt. In what appears to be some random field in Hyrule Kingdom, chocrab_1226 spelled Elon Musk’s first name in Katakana with logs. After launching themselves in the air using an explosive, they then pulled out a bow and bomb flowers and proceeded to blow the billionaire’s name to smithereens. The post proved so popular they redid it again, only in English so folks in America can rally behind the explosive fun.

“I like Twitter,” chocrab_1226 said. “I [don’t] like Elon.”

While there doesn’t appear to be any other players also doing this act of orbital bombardment, fans across Twitter have viewed this as a cause to get behind. One user called it “beautiful,” another called it “therapeutic,” while a different user said folks are “united against Elon.” The consensus is the same, though: You know shit’s bad when Japanese Twitter is bombing your name, especially as folks scramble to find the next social media app as Twitter slowly dies.

It’s hard to pinpoint any one reason for chocrab_1226 obliterating Elon’s name, but it comes after a dismal weekend for the social media app. On July 1, Twitter encountered interruptions with the experience as users ran into a “rate limit exceeded” message, preventing folks from seeing tweets. Must said the message was intentional and temporary to “address extreme levels of data scraping and system manipulation” on the app. What resulted, though, was a busted experience. Tweets wouldn’t load. Folks who could see any tweets were relegated to just a few hundred a day, unless they were a Blue subscriber, which let folks see a few thousand a day. And those who weren’t logged into their account appeared to be restricted in their access to Twitter similar to how Instagram requires a login to view posts. Twitter users have chalked this fumbling up to Twitter DDoS-ing itself, which would be so funny if it were true.

Kotaku reached out to chocrab_1226 for comment. Kotaku also reached out to Twitter for comment, but the platform replied with an automated poop emoji.

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Tears of the Kingdom has been out for almost two months now, but players aren’t quite done with Link’s latest adventure just yet. Folks are still doing all sorts of absurd things in the game, like using apples to figure out the Twik of the Wild’s weight, building functional computers, and making music with lasers. What can you say: ridiculous measures call for ridiculous solutions.

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