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March’s Xbox Game Pass Offerings Are Looking Mighty Fine

March 19 marks the first day of spring, and y’all, Microsoft has certainly sprung a variety of games on Xbox Game Pass subscribers. As the month slowly winds down, this new crop of games will absolutely keep you entertained. From horror games to mystery thrillers, there’s a little something for everyone here. So, let’s jump in to see what you can download in the next two weeks.

The Best Reveals From The Game Awards 2023

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Starting with what’s on offer right now, you can pick up both the Amplifier Studios’ casual farming sim Lightyear Frontier and San Diego Studio’s baseball sim MLB The Show 24 with your Xbox Game Pass membership. Supermassive Games’ choice-driven horror game The Quarry will be available on March 21, followed by Pavonis Interactive’s 4X grand strategy sim Terra Invicta on March 26. March 28 sees three games become downloadable on Xbox consoles: Blizzard Entertainment action-RPG Diablo IV, Milestone S.r.l.’s arcade racer Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 – Turbocharged, and Open Roads Team’s atmospheric adventure Open Roads.

You’ve got three games you can download at the start of April: Studio Wildcard’s survival game Ark: Survival Ascended on April 1, and Codemasters’ racing sim F1 23 and Superhot Team’s slow-mo FPS Superhot: Mind Control Delete on April 2.

There’s a lot of good stuff this month, and a ton of variety. However, the one game you should absolutely play on March 21 is Flying Wild Hog’s 2022 action-adventure game Evil West. This game fucks, hard. You play as a gruff vampire hunter who must protect the American frontier from them filthy bloodsuckers. To do that, you’ll dodge, punch, and shoot your way through a vampiric horde as you seek to uncover the truth of fiends’ origins. It’s basically a modern-day, PS2-ass game in the best way, with tight, focused action that’s as thrilling as it is silly. It’s a good one, and Kotaku staff writer Zack Zwiezen agreed in his review of the game:

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As usual, several games will be leaving Xbox Game Pass to make way for the 11 games barging onto the service. It’s only three though, and two of them are being replaced with sequels. Let’s get them out of the way: Leaving Xbox Game Pass on March 31 are Milestone S.r.l.’s arcade racer Hot Wheels Unleashed, Nikko Nikko’s rhythm-RPG Infinite Guitars, and San Diego Studio’s baseball sim MLB The Show 23. RIP to these games. You can check the full list of what’s coming and what’s going down below.

Games Coming to Xbox Game Pass in March 2024

Lightyear Frontier (Cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X|S) — Available TodayMLB The Show 24 (Cloud and Console) — Available TodayThe Quarry (Cloud and Console) — March 20Evil West (Cloud, Console, and PC) — March 21Terra Invicta (Game Preview) (PC) — March 26Diablo IV (Console and PC) — March 28Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 – Turbocharged (Cloud, Console, and PC) — March 28Open Roads (Cloud, Console, and PC) — March 28Ark: Survival Ascended (Cloud, PC, Xbox Series X|S) — April 1F1 23 (Cloud) EA Play — April 2Superhot: Mind Control Delete (Cloud, Console, and PC) — April 2

Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass In March 2024

Hot Wheels Unleashed (Cloud, Console, and PC) — March 31Infinite Guitars (Cloud, Console, and PC) — March 31

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