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Every Franchise Xbox Now Owns After Buying Activision

On October 13, Microsoft completed its nearly two-year-long process of consuming Activision Blizzard King. And while it will take months and years for Xbox and all the parties involved to sort everything out and start bringing past Activision Blizzard games to Game Pass, for now, we can tally up everything Microsoft seemingly now owns.

Why This Under-the-Radar AAA Title Is More Than Just A Far Cry Clone

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To put together this list I dug around a few different places and double-checked some franchises to confirm who owns what. In some cases I wasn’t able to figure out a decisive answer, so I left those out. I also avoided adding every single game these companies have published, as some were one-offs that have never been touched since and that don’t feel like a “franchise.” Finally, just because Activision or other companies previously published an X-Men or ESPN-branded game doesn’t mean the publisher owns that brand or even that specific game. So those aren’t on here, either.

With all that said, here’s my best shot at assessing every gaming franchise Microsoft now owns (probably).


3D Ultra PinballCall of DutyCall to PowerCrash BandicootDark ReignDiabloExtreme PaintBrawlFront Page Sports BaseballGabriel KnightGeometry WarsGuitar HeroGunHearthstoneHeavy GearHereticHeroes of the StormHexenInterstate ‘76King’s QuestLaura Bow Mystery SeriesLost Vikings, TheMatt Hoffman’s Pro BMXOverwatchPhantasmagoriaPitfallPolice QuestPrototypeQuest for GlorySWATSingularitySkylandersSoldier of FortuneSpace QuestSpyroStarCraftTenchu (only the games released before Activision sold the rights to From Software in 2004)Tony Hawk’s Pro SkaterTrue CrimeUltimate Soccer ManagerWarcraftWorld of WarcraftZork


AlphaBetty SagaBlossom Blast SagaBubble SagaBubble Witch SagaCandy Crush SagaDiamond Digger SagaFarm Heroes SagaHoop de Loop SagaPapa Pear SagaParadise BayPepper Panic SagaPet Rescue SagaPyramid Solitaire SagaRebel RidersScrubby Dubby SagaShuffle Cats

Bethesda / Zenimax

Commander KeenDeathloopDishonoredDoomElder ScrollsFalloutHi-Fi RushPreyQuakeRageRedfallStarfieldThe Evil WithinWolfenstein

Xbox / Microsoft

Age of EmpiresAge of MythologyBanjo-KazooieBard’s Tale, TheBattletoadsBlinx: The Time SweeperBlue DragonConkerCostume QuestCrackdownCrimson SkiesFableForzaGears of WarHaloKiller InstinctKinect SportsMicrosoft Flight SimulatorMidtown MadnessMinecraftPerfect DarkPillars of EternityProject Gotham RacingPsychonautsR.C. Pro-AmRise of NationsSabremanState of DecayThunder (Hydro Thunder, Arctic Thunder, etc.)Viva PinataWastelandZoo Tycoon

And consider this fun challenge while you take it all in: Try not to think about how sad it is that so few corporations now own so much of our pop culture. Let me tell you, I failed! But at least Call of Duty will be free on Game Pass in the future, right?

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