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Mega Bloks Xbox 360 Collector Set Is A Pricey Nostalgia Trip

On September 8, seemingly out of nowhere, Microsoft announced the Mega 3:4 scale Xbox 360 collector set. It will propel you back to the halcyon days of 2007, at least if you’re willing to throwdown $150 for a collectible that doesn’t actually play any games.

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It’s a Lego set that’s not technically Lego (Mega Bloks is Mattel’s copycat block-building brand), and it comes with 1,342 pieces that can be assembled into an Xbox 360 complete with a controller and a (fake) copy of Halo 3. There’s even a replica motherboard inside the completed Xbox case. I don’t understand why any of these choices were made but the result is oddly appealing.

It releases on October 8 but the first batch of pre-orders already appear to be sold-out. Here’s what the product description reads (the set is a Target-exclusive):

It doesn’t seem to have any online connectivity to fans’ existing Xbox profiles, but it’s a charming retro throwback nonetheless. Of course, some people have been quick to poke fun at the unexpected and pricey collectible. “Sure, you could buy a real Xbox 360 for much less. But this one won’t get the [Red Ring of Death],” joked Niko director of research, Daniel Ahmed.

An actual Xbox 360 runs between $50 to $75 at the moment, though as others have pointed out, the $150 price tag is normal for a set with over 1,000 blocks. Plus, the design is pretty nifty. If I had money to burn I might pick one up to add to the display case. As things stand though, I’d be much happier to see Microsoft finally reveal an Xbox mini. The tech giant’s original console is over 20 years old now, and a perfectly retro piece of memorabilia in its own right.

Would I pay $150 for a box that came with Project Gotham Racing pre-intalled? Absolutely.

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