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VIZIO Has Great Gaming TVs for Every Budget

We are in a golden age of gaming — the consoles and platforms have never been more powerful, and the games have never been more detailed and immersive. But if you’re playing on an old laggy, lo-res TV, you might as well be playing on an Intellivision. (Look it up, it was cool in 1979.)

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A good gaming TV is essential — you need all of the colors, resolution and rapid refresh rate possible to keep up with the amazing array of ultra-detailed action games like the new Lords of the Fallen sequel. Dedicated gaming monitors are great, but they’re also often prohibitively expensive, and when you’re not gaming, they’re…..just a monitor. A gaming TV that also supports the top streaming services is more useful and more affordable.

Whether you’re a hardcore grinder or you just like dabbling in the occasional gaming session, VIZIO has great gaming TVs at your price point. Here are our picks for the best ones:

Best Overall: VIZIO 50-Inch MQX-Series 4K 240Hz | $548 | 13% off | Amazon

When you see your games in HDR10, with over a billion colors enhanced with Quantum Color QLED, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been gaming like this all along. This 50-inch set automatically switches into Game Mode when it detects a console or PC, so it’s ready when you are. The Wi-Fi 6E connection is 30% faster than standard Wi-Fi, and when you pair that with the 120 frames-per-second (fps) speed the M-Series Quantum X achieves during 4K gaming or 240 fps at 1080p resolution on your PC, you’ll be blown away. (Or, ideally, you’ll be blowing away the competition.) The M-Series Quantum Xalso employs AMD FreeSync Premium adaptive synchronization tech to crush lagging. And when you need a break from the game, the M-Series Quantum X is a streaming superstar.

Best Value: VIZIO 50” Class V-Series 4K UHD LED Smart TV | $248 | 22% off | Walmart

Gamers are often wary of TVs that cost half the price of their PS5, but with the VIZIO V-Series, you’ll love the gaming performance even more than the incredible savings. The V-Series brings outstanding 4K UHD picture quality, enhanced by Dolby Vision Bright Mode, a full-array backlight, and active pixel tuning. Plus, V-Gaming engine brings the lag down under 10ms, and delivers a strong 48-60 fps stream with Variable Refresh Rate and the Auto Game Mode automatically enables when a console or PC is detected. Three HDMI 2.1 ports allow you to hook up multiple consoles or gaming rigs to toggle between. This is a serious bang-for-your-buck find.

Best Budget Buy: VIZIO D-Series (24-40 Inch) | Starting at $106 | Walmart

Having a big 50-inch VIZIO TV hooked up to your gaming console or PC is great, but tight spaces like dorm rooms, bedrooms, and small apartments can be unforgiving when it comes to space. VIZIO has a whole line of D-Series TVs starting at the 24-inch HD LED Smart TV (an absolute steal at $106 at Walmart), and featuring the 40-inch FHD LED Smart TV for $168. Even if you have to sacrifice size, you will not be sacrificing quality, as the D-Series line comes with active pixel tuning and AMD FreeSync in addition to 1080p HD resolution and the same V-Gaming Engine and full-array LED Backlight that the bigger models sport.

Bonus Buy: VIZIO M-Series Soundbars | Starting at $150 | Amazon

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