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The Hottest Gaming Takes, From PS5 Pro To The Game Awards

Does anyone else feel like the PS5 just came out, not that long ago? Well, there’s already an abundance of chatter about a potential mid-gen Pro version of Sony’s strangely designed console. And we’ve also got a Game Awards rundown for you too.

The Top 10 Most Played Games On Steam Deck: February 2024 Edition

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These are the week’s most interesting perspectives on the wild, wonderful, and sometimes weird world of video game news.

Finally, A Clever Indie RPG For People Who Suck At Undertale

True confession: while I admire and enjoy the heck out of Undertale, the hugely influential 2015 indie RPG that rewards a peaceful approach to conflict, I’ve never actually managed to complete a pacifist run of the game. That’s because I stink at its bullet-hell combat, which demands lightning reflexes and near-perfect memorization throughout its lengthy and brutal boss battles. So you can imagine my delight when I happened upon an adorable RPG that swaps twitchy, rage-quit-inducing challenges for gentle word puzzles. – Jen Glennon Read More

Kotaku Asks: What Do You Want From A Potential ‘PS5 Pro’?

Rumors about a supercharged PS5 (or “PS5 Pro,” if you will) are floating around the internet once more. Whether there’s merit to these rumors, of course, remains to be seen. There’s little use speculating about specs for a rumored, potentially nonexistent console. So, instead, let’s ask if we would even want such a thing in the first place. – Claire Jackson Read More

Toss Yourself In Front Of A Moving Car In This Wild Indie Game

This time, I know I’m onto a winning strategy. I’ve gathered three parking cones, and set about plopping one atop my head and the others on the ends of my arms, Mega Man buster cannon-style. I ask my friend nearby to punch the start button for me. Squishing my legs together as one, like I’m hopping on a tiny pogo stick, I bounce through the (fake) crosswalk, my silhouette on the large screen most closely resembling an 8-bit cactus. – Jen Glennon Read More

A Beautiful Indie Game Makes Climbing Feel Sublime

A Beautiful Indie Game Makes Climbing Feel Sublime

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Breath of the Wild and Assassin’s Creed could learn something from Jusant

The Best Reveals From The Game Awards 2023

The Best Reveals From The Game Awards 2023

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The industry’s big night delivered a slew of announcements and more than a few surprises

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