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The Best Unit Formation And Strategy For Clearing Unicorn Overlord’s Coliseum

Of all the challenging encounters players face in Vanillaware’s strategy RPG Unicorn Overlord’s s, some of the most interesting occur in its optional coliseum. Located in the city of Baumratte and unlocked by completing the “Another Prince” quest, the coliseum side activity gives players a chance to take down progressively more difficult enemy units. In exchange for victories, you’ll earn a currency that lets you buy powerful gear. The ultimate reward comes from completing all 30 battles, at which point the powerful Dreadnaught Amalia will join your army. Besting those 30 fights can be a challenge that tests the player’s skill in surprising ways, but with the right strategy, you can become the coliseum’s champion. Here’s how.

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Across the 30 battles that the coliseum has to offer, the enemy level ranges from 12 to 40. The first thing you will want to do is take on enemies within your own level range. As soon as you start facing higher level enemies, you’ll beat a disadvantage because the pure damage output they can deliver will be enough to wipe out your unit with only a couple of well placed hits If you need to level quickly you can take advantage of the Sellsword exploit (read our guide on that here). You will also want to make sure you have unlocked a unit slot that can contain at least four characters, preferably five if you have the Honors (the currency earned by liberating towns, making deliveries, and completing quests) to do so. Having the space to build a strong unit is essential.

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To beat Unicorn Overlord’s coliseum, play smarter not harder

The basics of coliseum combat should be easy to grasp if you are clicking with the combat of Unicorn Overlord. It focuses on the clash between units, so the key to winning every battle is to design a unit that is optimized to win against the enemy’s organization. You are able to look at an enemy unit and the details of the characters that make it up before every battle, so take your time picking your unit, and think about how certain classes fare against each other. But even if you are underleveled or don’t have the ideal class to face down every ranked battle, there is a strategy you can deploy to mop up coliseum enemies

The most important thing to remember in coliseum battles is that you do not have to defeat every character in the enemy unit to come out the victor. All you have to do is inflict more damage than the enemy, which means the system can be cheesed with the right unit. By building a unit centered around high evasion and high initiative, you can easily avoid incurring any damage while inflicting even the slightest damage on your enemy, which will ensure a win in every battle.

To take advantage of this tactic, station a thief (Travis or a hired mercenary) in the front row and fill the back row with a witch and a shaman. Make sure to equip both the witch and shaman with the Thief’s mantle item, as this will let the user evade a single hit. You can make this strategy even more useful by equipping your shaman with the Sandstorm Staff and making sure the user has a high initiative and enough AP to trigger the staff’s skill, which will blind the enemy and impede their ability to attack you. This strategy is reliable enough to let you quickly climb the coliseum rank’s as soon as you unlock it.

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