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Two Massive Charity Game Bundles Have Now Raised Over $12 Million For Ukraine

Indie digital storefront has raised over $6 million via its recently ended Bundle for Ukraine charity package. Meanwhile, Humble Bundle’s similarly large collection of games and comics has already raised over $6 million as well, with six days left before it ends. That’s a massive amount of money, all of it going to support folks suffering during the horrific Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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The first bundle to go live was created by Necrosoft Games director Brandon Sheffield. This package was available on starting on March 7 and collected nearly 1,000 games into a single, massive package. And folks could get all of those games—worth an estimated value of approximately $6,500—for just $10. A pretty damn good deal and for a good cause, as all funds raised via the Bundle for Ukraine go towards supporting two groups: The International Medical Corps and Voices of Children.

Originally the bundle had a comparatively small goal of $100,000. That goal was smashed quickly and after only 24 hours the indie bundle had already raised just over $1.5 million. It ended yesterday, reaching a grand total of $6,370,557.

Meanwhile, another bundle, this one from Humble Bundle, has also been organized and launched to help provide much-needed support for Ukraine during the ongoing and deadly invasion. Like the Itch bundle, it contains a massive amount of games—nearly 100—including titles like Back 4 Blood, Fable, Metro Exodus, Quantum Break, PGA Tour 2K21, Kerbal Space Progam, and Amnesia.

As I’m writing this now, the bundle has already passed $6 million. Considering the incredible selection of games on offer and the fact that the whole thing only costs $40, I suspect that by the time this bundle wraps up in a week it will end up raising considerably more than $6 million.

Add both up and that’s over $12 million in charity! (And like I just mentioned, the Humble Bundle will likely raise that number up even more by next week.)

The ongoing, illegal invasion of Ukraine by Russia has led to thousands of deaths, with many fleeing the country as their homes and towns are bombed by missiles. As a result, multiple countries, including the United States, have placed pressure on Russia and Putin via economic sanctions. And as the invasion continues, many private companies are also pulling their business from Russia.

These huge, discounted charity bundles have quickly become a popular way for folks to band together and help support others on a massive scale. Back in 2020, a similarly large package of games was offered online as part of Itch’s Racial Justice And Equality bundle. That charity collection ended up raising an impressive $8,149,814 for two organizations: the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund.

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