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The 10 Biggest Kotaku Stories Of 2023

What were you loyal Kotaku readers most interested in this year? Despite 2023 offering us scammers in Congress, a megolomaniac destroying one of the most popular social media websites of all time, and a pop star dating an NFL football hero, gamers remained laser-focused on the things that matter most to them as a subculture: retro games, asset theft, Funko pops, and vaginas.

The Week In Games: Pokémon With Guns And More New Releases

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The variety of stories gathered here is a testament to the well-roundedness of your average Kotaku reader. For reference, last year’s list can be found right here, and yes, it contained hentai.

This year, however, you were interested in interviews with boundary-breaking women in the industry, commentary about HBO’s The Last of Us series, and even an Across the Spider-Verse secret. So without further ado, here are the top 10 Kotaku stories of 2023, starting with the most popular one. Did your favorite post make the cut?

PC Game Accused Of ‘Asset Theft’ Removed From Steam

Mind Blown: Across The Spider-Verse Has Multiple Versions Out In Theaters

Wizards Of The Coast Raids YouTuber’s House To Take Back Magic: The Gathering Cards

YouTuber Buys Every Single Video Game On The Wii U And 3DS eShops Before They Close

The Witcher 3’s Next-Gen Vaginas Were ‘Unintended,’ Devs Say

Over $30 Million Worth Of Funkos Are Headed To The Landfill

The Last Of Us Show Tries To Change What The Game Told Us About Joel

Overwatch 2's Unhinged April Fools Patch Notes Will Activate Your Fight Or Flight Response

Meet The Psychologist Determined To Prove Video Games Are Good, Actually

Meet The Brilliant Scholar Who’s Challenging Racism In Game Design

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