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Viral Toaster Stunt Guy Banned From Twitch For 30 Days

Australian-based Twitch streamer Boggles recently went viral after seemingly live-streaming a stunt that involved shoving metal forks into toasters and electrocuting himself. To be clear: Each time he did this it was fake, but that didn’t stop Twitch from banning the content creator for 30 days due to violating the site’s rules on self-harm.

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To catch you up, last week Boggles streamed himself shoving forks into toasters and then getting electrified in an explosive blast which often killed the stream. While the streams did okay numbers on Twitch, on other social media sites clips of the (to be clear again, fake) stunt went viral. One clip of him shoving two forks into two toasters, exploding, and then apparently shitting himself, has over 2 million views. As reported by online newsletter Garbage Day, thanks to X’s new focus on controversial videos that create large amounts of engagement on the platform, a lot of people saw the toaster stunt and had opinions on it. But now, it seems Twitch isn’t happy about these fake, but dangerous-looking stunts.

As spotted by esports commentator and reporter Jake Lucky on January 21, Boggles was banned from Twitch for 30 days according to an email shared by the streamer on Twitter. “We’ve reviewed your content and we’re concerned about you,” said Twitch in the email announcing his temporary ban and the removal of the toaster videos.

“In accordance with our Community Guidelines and to protect our community, we’ve removed this content. Suicidal or self-harm behavior ( engaging in activities that may endanger your life or lead to your physical harm) is not allowed on Twitch,” said Twitch, “As this is a breach of our Community Guidelines, we’ve suspended your account temporarily (30 days). Know that you are valued as a part of the Twitch community. Please take care.”

Kotaku has contacted Twitch for more information.

In response to the ban, Boggles asked Twitch to unban him, claiming it was “an honest mistake.” He also tagged rival streaming platform Kick and shortly after created a new account on the other service.

“Streaming on Kick until the unban. I really love y’all I’m sorry I got banned,” posted Boggles.

As Garbage Day notes, some folks actually believed Boggles electrocuted himself because the streamer has a history of doing dumb stunts, including one in 2023 where he sprayed gamers at Dreamhack Melbourne with deodorant. That stunt got him reportedly banned for life from DreamHack events.

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