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This Thrilling New PS5 Action Game Is A Whole Vibe

Today during the Sony PlayStation Showcase Project Eve on PS5 was revealed. It’s developed by Shift Up Corporation and is a character action game set in a post-apocalyptic world, featuring nasty creatures and sick combat movies.

Thank You, PS Plus, For Making My Backlog Even Bigger

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No release date was given, but we did get a slick and wild-looking trailer featuring a lot of gameplay.

The gameplay shown in the trailer features our heroine doing dive kicks, sliding around large tunnels, and killing various, gross monsters. Some big. Some tiny. According to the trailer, this is all captured on PS5 and is built using Unreal.

Here’s how Kim Hyung Tae, the director of Project Eve, describes the world and narrative of Project Eve via that official blog post.

More information can also be found on the PlayStation Blog. Over there, it’s explained that this is Shift Up’s first big console game. And while most of us watching the event today had never heard of Project Eve before, the game was first teased back in 2019. Since then not much has been shown until today’s event.

It’s not just killing nasty monsters and bad guys. Players will have to “master the terrain by scaling walls, sliding tactically, swinging on ropes, and more.” (We see some of this in the trailer.) And there will be puzzles to solve and hidden collectibles to find as folks explore the devasted world of Project Eve. And as players progress, they will be able to change Eve’s outfits, equip her with new skills, items and unlock more powerful combos.

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