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The Week In Games: Monster Hunters On Ice

After last week, this week seems like a flood of new games. Not too many big games, but the Monster Hunter: World expansion Iceborne is finally hitting PC this week. So if you are a Monster Hunter fan who plays on PC, get a winter coat and get ready.

Princess Peach’s Leading Role And More New Releases

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I already did a Week In Games post about Iceborne when it first came out, so I had to find a new ice/snow related title for this post. I first had a title referencing “Ice To Meet You!” but it didn’t feel right. Later I tried “Ice, ice, baby…”, but that didn’t work for me either. Eventually, I settled on Monster Hunters On Ice, which is a reference to Reptar On Ice. (Because he is a monster..on ice…get it?)

Beyond Iceborne there aren’t a lot of big games, but some smaller games coming out mostly on PC and Switch. The full list is below:

Monday, Jan. 6

Ultimate Racing 2D | SwitchBlackmoor 2 | SwitchInvisible Fist | SwitchWienne | PCAraha: Curse Of Yieun Island | PCChameleon | PCDumb Fight | PCHero Mini Maker | PC

Tuesday, Jan. 7

Cursed Caves | PCChico | PCAVABEL Online | PC

Wednesday, Jan. 8

IN-VERT | Xbox OneRegions of Ruin | Xbox OneDragon Sinker: Descendants of Legend | Xbox OneAnimal Friends | Xbox OneRefuge | PCTalshard | PC

Friday, Jan. 9

AO Tennis | PCMonster Hunter: Iceborne | PC140 | SwitchCooking Tycoons – 3 in 1 Bundle | SwitchTHOTH | SwitchPieces Of Me: Northbound | PCThe White Door | PC, MacMythic Ocean | PCNuclear Arms Race | PCPinball Universe | PCFlirt Balls | PC, Mac

Saturday, Jan. 10

Craftica | PC, MacAborigenus | SwitchTechnosphere | SwitchDrunk-Fu: Wasted Masters | SwitchOrbitblazers | PCCoffee Break | PCThe Blind Prophet | PCDusk Warlocks | PC

Sunday, Jan 11

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