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Tekken 8 Gives Grieving Family A Way To Remember A Loved One

Video games are the way a lot of us bond with our loved ones. Whether it’s family, a partner, or a group of friends gathering to play Helldivers 2, some of our most cherished memories with people we care about are facilitated through games. Thankfully, some games give us a means to immortalize those who are gone, and that’s just what Tekken 8 is doing for a fan who lost their sparring partner.

The Week In Games: System Shock, Street Fighter 6, And More

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Reddit user Melodic_Insect1356 posted on the Tekken subreddit, saying they suddenly lost their brother. According to the post, their sibling, a 26-year-old Tekken fan, mained Lee and had been putting a lot of time into playing Tekken 8 in an effort to rank up and play at local tournaments in Texas. Melodic_Insect1356 asked the community if there was a way to save their brother’s AI ghost to play against, even if it was a “poor imitation.” These ghosts are essentially mock-ups of a player’s fighting style that learn how you use a character after studying your fights. You can use them as a training partner to practice responses to your friends’ strategies.

After the post started circulating on X (formerly Twitter), it caught the attention of Tekken 8 producer Katsuhiro Harada and director Kohei Ikeda. They both offered condolences and confirmed that AI ghost data can be downloaded locally to a player’s system. This way, you can keep it even if it’s wiped from the game’s servers.

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