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Tears Of The Kingdom Glitch Lets Link Double-Jump Infinitely

A newly discovered The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom glitch allows Link to endlessly double-jump his way to victory, using the Fuse ability to its most natural end.

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YouTuber and Twitch streamer SmallAnt demonstrates the trick in a clip he posted to Twitter. But to make use of it, you first need to understand a different glitch he found: “Fuse entanglement,” which works primarily with shields.

Fuse entanglement is almost as complex as its name suggests, but if you’re determined to do it, you can start by Fusing as you normally would, by hitting L. Press the ZL button the moment before your abilities menu appears, hit ZR after it appears, then release both L and ZR. Slam the left D-pad and equip a fresh shield—when the item you used Fuse plops to the ground in its original state, you probably succeeded.

Though the item will seem to be unfused, run a bit out of its range; you’ll be able to shield surf with the added benefits of the item, but without it ever breaking. It can, however, unspawn if you move too far away from its original location.

The new glitch SmallAnt shared remedies this caveat by combining Fuse entanglement with standard Fusing. In the clip, he Fuse entangles a rocket Zonai device, then uses Fuse normally to physically attach the rocket to his weapon. Though SmallAnt doesn’t actually use his weapon while jumping, that second step prevents the rocket from “despawning” on the entangled shield. So, those of you with a ton of Energy Cell upgrades like SmallAnt can blast off to the end of time.

You’ll end up high in the air without having to do any plebian walking, running, or climbing, and Beedle will no doubt marvel at your rocket-shield as you gallop across the sky. Everyone wins here.

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