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Tears Of The Kingdom: Yes, You Can Fuse Zonai Devices To Arrows And It’s Awesome

It’s Wednesday, May 31, and that means it’s another day where I tell you about something you might not’ve known you could do in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. While many of us are already aware that you can fuse all sorts of regular items to arrows to increase their efficiency, as some are revealing on social media, fixing Zonai Devices to arrows expands their lethality as well as their utility.

Princess Peach’s Leading Role And More New Releases

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Tears of the Kingdom takes Breath of the Wild’s expansive open world and shifts it into overdrive with a far more dynamic and varied physics and crafting system. While the game often features a variety of puzzles that require crafting, and enemies will occasionally drop crafted weapons, the game leaves the door wide open for your own creations. And sometimes, the level of virtually game-breaking fusions you can make almost feels unfair to the game.

Why You Should Fuse Hover Stones (and more) to Arrows

As shown off by yukino_san_14 on Twitter, fusing arrows with Zonai hover platforms in combination with the Ascend ability basically means that gravity is optional now.

Hover stones, as it turns out, don’t just help with traversal; they’re also effective combat aids.

Like most things in Tears of the Kingdom, once I saw someone pull off something unexpected, my first reaction was: “Well, what else can I do?” And so I started fusing other Zonai Devices to arrows and, lo and behold, it just works!

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First up was a Zonai Wing, which expands the range of arrows.

Then I thought…what about rockets? Once fused, they fly even further. It seems like they might do less damage (or perhaps it’s a bit harder to hit headshots, meaning you’ll trade accuracy for shot range), but it’s far easier to actually strike explosive barrels now.

You can also attach Time Bombs to lob them over greater distances.

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