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Tears of the Kingdom Fans Find Evidence Of Unreleased Amiibo

Leave it to the dataminers to discover the deepest of hidden secrets within games. This time, the depths of Tears of the Kingdom’s code have seemingly revealed some as-of-yet unreleased amiibo. The evidence comes in the form of two unused fabrics for Link’s paraglider associated with different characters, one for Ganon and another for Princess Zelda herself.

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First released in 2014 in association with the Wii U, amiibo are physical figurines of various characters from hit games featuring wireless technology that interacts with a Nintendo console to share data that can unlock in-game features. And in the case of the most recent Zelda title, amiibo are one of the ways to unlock designs for the paraglider, clothing, and other items. In fact, some of these items are only available if you use an amiibo with your Switch. There are well over a dozen amiibo out there which can already interact with Tears of the Kingdom, and a new Link amiibo launched at the same time as the new game, but it seems more may be on the way.

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In a video from YouTuber Lootward showing off all 53 of Tears of the Kingdom’s paraglider fabrics, you can spot two which are not currently accessible in the game, named Princess Zelda and Gerudo King.

Nintendo / Lootward

Datamining has revealed, courtesy of Universo Zelda, that the Princess Zelda and Gerudo King fabrics correspond with amiibo ID’s 1049 and 1050 respectively. These amiibo do not exist currently. (Notably, the Link amiibo released alongside Tears of the Kingdom has ID 1048.)

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