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Tears Of The Kingdom's Newspaper Quest Is One Of Its Best

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s Lucky Clover Gazette quest line (referred to as Potential Princess Sightings) is long and involved, but it’s easily one of the most rewarding detours you can take on your way to saving Hyrule from Ganondorf’s clutches. In this 12-part quest, Link joins Penn, a go-getting reporter, in investigating rumors surrounding Zelda’s reappearance popping up around Hyrule. Doing all 12 of these quests is a great way to see most of the map, reap rewards like Zelda’s golden horse, and ultimately receive an incredibly useful armor set.

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All that being said, there’s a lot to do on these quests, and the whole process can be overwhelming if you haven’t already seen much of Hyrule yet. So let’s get this scoop.

Where do I start Potential Princess Sightings?

To start the 12 quests that make up Potential Princess Sightings, you’ll have to meet Penn and Traysi at the Lucky Clover Gazette’s office. This is just outside Rito Village in the northwest corner of the map, and Breath of the Wild players will remember it was once a stable in the last game. Here, Traysi will tell you about Penn’s story and asks you to accompany him at the stables throughout Hyrule as he looks into reports of Zelda making visits. As payment, you’ll slowly receive the Froggy armor set, which makes you resistant to slipping while climbing on wet surfaces. This was a major pain in Breath of the Wild, so it’s nice to see Tears of the Kingdom has given players a way to mitigate it. But you’ll have your work cut out for you before you can don this suit, so let’s get started.

Each time you start a quest, Traysi will tell you approximately where Penn has gone (though you can go to the stables in any order). She’ll give you a stable name and rough location, but if you’re here, you’re probably looking for specifics, so we have maps with each stable’s precise placement and a rundown on what the quest entails. Some of them are obscured by the environment depending on where you’re standing, so look for puffs of smoke coming from their horse-shaped chimneys as a visual cue. Also, each stable has a nearby Shrine for fast travel, so even if you’re not trying to complete them, keep an eye out and be sure to activate it so you can get back to this area quickly.

Woodland Stable: Serenade to a Great Fairy

One of the most important missions you’ll come across on Penn and Link’s adventures takes place at Woodland Stable because it spins off into another lengthy but necessary quest: awakening the Great Fairies. However, given the specifics of this one, you might be better off doing it later in the quest. At the Woodland Stable in the Northwest region of the map, you’ll find Penn talking to members of The Stable Trotters, a traveling band whose music is adored by the Great Fairies in Hyrule. They want to play for the Great Fairy Tera who’s isolated herself in her home up the mountain, but they need your help to get their equipment up to her safely. To do this, you’ll need a horse and the Towing Harness, which you can get by visiting stables throughout Hyrule and cashing in the Pony Points you acquire with each visit and registered horse. This is why it might be better to do this quest after having met Penn a few other times. But once you get a horse (either by taming one in the wild, getting Zelda’s golden one from another quest in this batch, or using one of your trusty steeds that handily transferred over), you can equip them with the Towing Harness and Ultrahand it to the band’s cart. Then it’s just a simple matter of walking them up to the Great Fairy’s home. You can try to just lift the cart up there yourself, but these musicians are divas and don’t like when you rock the boat. Or cart, rather.

Gerudo Canyon Stable: The Blocked Well

You’ll find Penn next to a well at the Gerudo Canyon Stable, which Zelda has apparently told people not to go near. Gather some good weapons and healing supplies and hop down the well. Here you’ll find an opening blocked by a rock formation, so use either a bomb/explosive weapon or a rock-based weapon to break through the blockage. Behind it, you’ll find a den of tough enemies. Take them out and Penn will yell down and ask what happened. Report back to him and that will conclude the quest.

Highland Stable: An Eerie Voice

Penn’s story is one of the sillier ones, but it’s also one of the simplest. Once you arrive at Highland Stable, the reporter will tell you about whispers of a haunting voice coming from the well northwest of the establishment at night. He asks that you return to him at night to investigate, so if you’re here during the day, wait by a fire or head into the stable itself and sleep until the evening. Now, all you have to do is head to the Haran Lakefront. Well, jump down, and talk to the woman at the bottom. You’ll also find a handful of weapons to loot here, so be sure to check that out before heading to the next location.

Dueling Peaks Stable: Princess Zelda Kidnapped?!

One of the more frustrating moments I had in all of the Lucky Clover Gazette quests was at the Dueling Peaks Stable, mainly because it felt like Tears of the Kingdom didn’t give me great direction in where I needed to go after talking to Penn. But I have suffered so you don’t have to. Climb to the top of the stable, and you’ll find Penn waiting on top of the horse-shaped chimney. He’ll tell you Zelda has apparently been kidnapped by the Yiga Clan, who has taken her to “the carved-out heart of the towering twins.” That’s all Penn has for you, and as nondescript as that is, it does at least tell you it’s likely near the titular Dueling Peaks.

Head west from the stable until you reach the two mountain formations. The one you’re looking for is the southern peak, and as tempting as it would be to just climb the sheer surface the entire way up, it’s easier to go around the back side where you’ll have more rest stops in your climbing to recharge your stamina, or try to find a falling rock to ride. But keep going until you reach a valley in the midpoint where you’ll find Zelda, or someone wearing her face, in a cage surrounded by torches. A fight will break out, then you’ll complete the quest.

Wetland Stable: The Missing Farm Tools

The Missing Farm Tools quest is fun because you get to use the Ultrahand ability to build and drive a raft for a guy who needs to get across a nearby river. There are tools near the Wetland Stable to make a pretty simple, drivable raft with a fan and additional battery for good measure, but really, the current will be your greatest asset on this quest because it will push you down river to where you need to go. The Steering Stick just helps you keep yourself on the right path. Get the farmer to his destination, then you’re good to go.

South Akkala Stable: The All-Clucking Cucco

The quest at South Akkala Stable is pretty quick, but do make sure you have some good weapons on hand. The gist of Penn’s latest lead is folks are gathering around a tree northwest of the stable to hear their future told by a talking Cucco. In order to hear your fortune foretold, you’ll have to do a few trials, but they’re simple tasks. The first has you climb to the top of the stable within a time limit, so use your paraglider to get back to the stable quickly, then use Ascend through the ceiling to make your way to the top in just a few short seconds. For the next trial, the Cucco asks you to bring three logs to it from the trees near the stable. Use your melee weapon to cut them down and Ultrahand them together to deliver them to the Cucco. After you’ve completed both trials, you’ll have a fight against the Yiga Clan. Once you’ve bested your foes, that’s the end of this quest.

Foothill Stable: For Our Princess!

Once more, Tears of the Kingdom leans into its silly side in For Our Princess. Due to a miscommunication, a handful of soldiers near Foothill Stable are under the impression Zelda wants them to fight enemies in their underwear. Without their protective armor, they’re naturally worried about being exposed and weak, but they abide by Zelda’s supposed orders and head to a monster den south of the stable. Head down the valley and up the road until you find two men in their underwear standing outside the den entrance, and they’ll ask you to go and fight as an example, but you’ll have to work with the same limitations they have. So you’ll be stripped of your armor and weapons on the way inside. There will be weak weapons lying around, but you can Fuse them with rocks and other materials lying around to get some extra damage. Keep as much distance as you can, but try to get some perfect dodges to pull off as many flurry rushes as much as you can to take advantage of an opening. Once you beat up those baddies, head back to the stable and everyone gets some clarity on Zelda’s actual orders. As well as pants.

Tabantha Bridge Stable: White Goats Gone Missing

The White Goats Gone Missing quest is one of the more self-explanatory ones after you learn what you’re looking for. Penn tells you a group of goats is missing and that they had an affinity for a recipe Zelda gave Chork, their stable hand. However, he lost the recipe and has since been cooking it improperly. All that’s left of them is uneaten Hylian Pine Cones, but luckily, they left a trail of pine cones to follow to their final destination. Chork is staring southeast of the stable, which is where you need to go to find the trail. Just pick them up as you go, because combining them with fire will make a gust of wind you can use to paraglide to high places.

Snowfield Stable: Zelda’s Golden Horse

There are two ways to handle Zelda’s Golden Horse, the easy way and the hard way. To start it, meet with Penn and Harlow on the north side of the stable and she’ll tell you Zelda’s prized golden horse ran off north into dangerous territory guarded by the Frost Gleeok, one of Tears of the Kingdom’s most dangerous foes. Finish talking to Penn and Harlow and you’ll be given a stamina potion that will come in handy, but now it’s time to assess how to reach the horse. Your first option is the most straightforward one: fight the beast to get to where Zelda’s horse is hiding. If you’re bold enough and powerful enough, it’s doable. If you’re not quite ready to face the big boi, you thankfully don’t have to. We can go around it.

You’ll find the golden horse north of the Gleeok’s lair in North Tabantha Snowfield alongside several other horses in an open field. Sneak up behind it (take your pants off so your steps are quieter, but only if you have a cold-resistant top, hat, or food to eat) and jump on its back. To tame it, you’ll have to have high enough stamina not to get thrown off while soothing it. If you’ve already got the stamina upgrades, you’ll be fine, but you can also use Harlow’s potion to reset your stamina when it’s nearly depleted. Ride the horse back to the stable, and not only will you complete the quest, but you’ll also have an excellent horse to ride around. I named it she/her.

New Serenne Stable: The Beast and the Princess

The Beast and the Princess is another somewhat frustrating quest in this group because it’s not contained near its originating Stable. At New Serenne Stable, Penn will tell you about a rumor of Zelda riding a mysterious beast that she’s also controlling. However, it’s not here, it’s reportedly in “the subtropical region in the south.” Talk to some of the patrons here and you’ll learn enough to know you need to head to the Lakeside Stable in Ubota Point in the southeastern part of the map. Talk with the owner and he’ll tell you about the beast is being held just north of the stable in the Bronas Forest. Cross the body of water between them (if you’ve got the Zora Armor you can quickly ascend by swimming up the waterfalls) and you’ll meet Cima, who will clear up the nature of the Dondons that Zelda has been harboring here. Then that’s one more story for Penn’s portfolio.

Riverside Stable: Gourmets Gone Missing

When you and Penn arrive at Riverside Stable, the workers are waiting on a caravan to arrive, but they’ve not shown up yet. People are growing concerned, so it’s up to Link to investigate. Talk to Gotter, who will point you in the direction the caravan typically arrives from. Head to the bridge he points you toward and walk down the path until you find the group set up in their tents and in a real bad way. They’ve eaten something gross and ill-prepared, and the only cure is for Link to prepare the meal correctly. If you’ve already got the right ingredients for this quest, Gourmets Gone Missing can be real quick, but if you don’t, you might have to do some farming to see it through to the end. The recipe requires raw meat, rock salt, and Hylian Rice with no acceptable substitutions. The first and second are pretty easy to come by in your journey, just find a nearby animal to kill for the meat, and you can find rock salt in either mineral deposits around Hyrule or by buying them at the shop in Goron City. Hylian Rice, meanwhile, doesn’t have a great spawn rate, but it can be found by either cutting grass in select areas or by buying them at stores. I recommend the latter.

Outskirt Stable: The Beckoning Woman

The last quest we’ve got involves a fair bit of walking and flying. The Beckoning Woman involves a crying lady who says her friend, possibly Zelda, is in danger and asks you to follow her to the location. She’ll direct you to each destination, and they will get progressively more out of the way. It’s all so suspicious you can probably see where this is going, but you’ll have to walk, climb, and paraglide to each site until you reach the end, then a fight will break out with the Yiga Cla, who organized the whole thing. Once you handle them, Penn will fly over and you’ll report what you’ve learned.

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