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Beloved Classic Super Mario RPG Gets A Remake Fans Have Wanted For Years

In the lead-up to today’s Nintendo Direct, rumors have swirled that, among whatever else might be announced during the presentation, we’d be seeing a remake of a beloved Super Nintendo classic. Just which game it might be, however, remained unclear, so fans on Twitter took the opportunity to drum up hype around their own favorites potentially getting the remake treatment, with legendary games such as Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, and Super Mario RPG being among the most clamored for. Now, the announcement has been made and it is, in fact, Super Mario RPG, which is slated to launch on November 17.

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A SNES Mario Classic For The Modern Era

Nintendo revealed during its 40-minute Direct presentation that the SNES classic Super Mario RPG will soon make its modern-day debut on the handheld-console hybrid. This was after rumors began swirling on June 19 when Twitter user Pyoro_ND, who accurately predicted Everybody 1-2 Switch and Sonic Superstars before they were revealed, posted that “a remake of a SNES classic” would get announced during the Nintendo Direct livestream.


The trailer started with the classic game rendered in its 2D pixel art form before transitioning into full 3D animation. It’s cute and bubbly in the best way. But despite the new coat of paint, this is still Super Mario RPG through and through. The game finds Mario and Peach join forces with Bowser and a few newcomers—Geno and Mallow—to save the Mushroom Kingdom from a new threat, the vile Smithy. Defined by endlessly charming dialogue, involving turn-based combat that incorporates turn-based inputs, and endless touches that bring the world of Mario to life in a whole new way, the game’s reputation as a beloved SNES title and a wonderful RPG is well-earned.The game launches this November on Nintendo Switch and preorders are now available. But this isn’t the only Mario game Nintendo revealed during its Direct livestream. After styling on Mario in the Super Mario Bros. Movie, the company revealed that Princess Peach will get her own game as well.

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