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One Setting You Should Change In Super Mario Bros. Wonder ASAP

Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the highly anticipated 2D platformer, is finally out on Nintendo Switch. But before you get too ahead of yourself turning Mario and company into giant elephants and whatnot, you should mess around with some gameplay settings first—especially the one that controls the Talking Flowers.

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Earlier this week, in another edition of Nintendo’s ongoing web series, Ask the Developer, we learned that Wonder was originally going to have a live commentary feature like what you’d find in a sports game. It was scrapped, but found new life through the game’s Talking Flowers characters who shout at Mario and crew whenever they walk by. Although the Talking Flowers are a cute addition to the game and make solo playthroughs a little less lonely, your mileage with them may vary. Some people think the Talking Flowers, who talk all the time, are pretty annoying, if you can believe that. Here’s how you can turn the Talking Flowers voices off.

First, go to settings and scroll down to “Talking Flower Dialogue.” There you can switch it to “Voice off / Text on.” Super simple. There’s also a fun third option where you can change the language of the Talking Flowers if you want a different flavor of Flower Power commentary. Kotaku’s John Walker is partial to their Dutch language setting.

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Folks online are pretty delighted that Nintendo gave them the option to let them speak in a separate language from their Switch’s system language but to mute the Talking Flowers entirely.

“Fantastic news. As soon as I saw that they talk to you automatically when you run by them, I was a little worried,”u/klaxhax replied in a thread about the setting option on the r/Nintendo Switch subreddit. “It gave me flashbacks to the GBA Mario re-releases with all those dreadful voice clips…”

“And with that one change, this game is a contender for GOTY,” u/Red_Speed replied in the same thread.

The novelty of the Talking Flowers’ motor mouths has a high likelihood of wearing thin, so knowing how to turn them off or switch up their language may prove useful for Wonder players—whether it’s for their first, second, or third playthrough.

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